Friday, May 21, 2010

Basketweave Pillow

I am thisclose to done with the pillow! All knitting done, I'm just stitching the pieces together. I ordered some buttons off etsy...let's's the link to the shop. I love the buttons, they're 1/4 inch bigger than the pattern calls for, and the buttonhole band instructions made absolutely no sense, so I just made the buttonhole band how I thought it should be, and with slightly larger holes.

Oh and I joined Ravelry. So I'll put up a link to my profile on this page.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Gnome Hat

I always forget which order to load photos in Blogger, so these are backwards from how I wanted them, and I'm not redoing them!

Here is a closeup of the gnome hat I made for Cassie's little one. It was quite easy and fast. The earflaps are knit first, then you add on the rest of the stitches around the earflaps and start knitting in the round.

Earflaps with little decorative ties.

Here's the hat, slightly offset so you can see in better detail. I used a worsted weight yarn I had lying around and dpns, size 9.

And picture 1, at the end. Ha ha