Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Beret

Here is the link for this beret. My friend said she could see me in a slouchy beret, so I decided to make one and see how it felt on. I've worn it all day and it's definitely grown on me. I quite like it now and plan to make another of Natalie Larson's berets!

I used Cotton Ease in white and size 7 circular needles. Now I wish I'd had some 6s for the ribbing. In fact I might have gone down to 6s for the whole thing. I don't know. But definitely the ribbing.

Here I am with the princess. I'm a bit over 6 months pregnant. Feeling huuuge yet knowing I'm going to get a lot bigger!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crafting It Up

I've discovered the appeal of making accessories - quick payoff, don't have time to get bored, and cute stuff to wear! I made a hat for each of my three children, a hat for my friends' baby, and am making a slouchy beret for myself. I'm also making this ridiculously easy tea scarf in a gorgeous blue-black yarn I bought at my local yarn store last week. Last night I found this pattern and I think I'm making them next! Yay for gorgeous little things to wear!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hats for My Girls

Here is one of the quick projects I wanted to make. I'm having a baby in August, so I wanted to make something for her! I already have all the clothes because I have a girl already, but I wanted to make something that would be just hers! I had this yarn laying around in my stash - Little Grins - which is apparently discontinued. I got in on clearance ages ago. It's really soft but mostly cotton so not too hot for little heads.

I am starting the third hat, actually. This pattern (oh go find it on my Ravelry page) comes in four sizes: infant, toddler, child & adult. I made the infant size in white (above) for Baby Girl, a purple hat in the child size for my 4-year-old and am now making a purple one in the infant size for my friend's 4-month-old. These are so easy and cute that I might even be making more for some pending arrivals of other friends!

Winter Flame Scarf

Hello again little neglected craft blog. Here I am to report that I am back. May I present the Winter Flame Scarf:

I started this in November and worked diligently for about two months...until morning sickness kicked in after Christmas. I didn't feel like doing a blessed thing then. This is my first lace pattern (or at least, this is my first lace pattern where I knitted more than 10 inches before getting bored and frogging ha ha). I worked on it off and on once the nausea faded. Finally a few weeks ago I realized that I was nearly done. That inspired me and I knit quite a bit so I could get it off the needles. I had some little quick projects I wanted to try out so I made myself finish this one first! I finished it on the 6th and then blocked it while my husband was out of town this past week (read: not around to be irritated that a 6-foot scarf was taking up the floor of our bedroom). I love how it turned out - the color, the pattern, the soft yarn. I used Comfy Fingering yarn from KnitPicks and the color is such a rich dark blue. It will look fab against my pale winter skin in several months! ha ha