Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby C in Her Lacy Dress

Go ahead and ignore me*, focus if you will on the adorable babe in my arms. Baby C is wearing her lacy dress! She looks obscenely cute in it, doesn't she? I could honestly stare at her in this dress for thirty minutes straight. Seeing my little baby in a dress I knit for her is extremely satisfying.

*Yo, I'm dressed. I hope you weren't expecting more than that. I have been (not) rocking the ponytail look quite often lately...oh since Baby C was born. That would be three months now. Someday I might actually get to curl my hair again...

Bandana Cowl

Here I am sporting the fabulous Bandana Cowl that I made for luvinthemommyhood's Cowl KAL. Sorry you get absolutely no links tonight, I just don't feel like it. This picture was taken the other night when I had literally just finished the cowl and wove in the ends. It was like 11 pm. The hubs was home so I had to act fast. He is working swing right now and I hate it. That is why I look rawther tired. The cowl is verrry warm. I wore it today out and about, it looked incredibly cute with a long sleeve white tee and a dark gray cami underneath. And my black suede boots, natch. It kept me toasty warm, and was only a little scratchy. Really my neck is ridiculously sensitive to things. This cowl is super soft! It is made out of Cascade Eco Duo in Storm.

Here you see the cowl in progress. Anytime I take a picture of something, my 3-year-old son likes to stick his hand in the frame. I try to be fast, but he is faster. Hahaha

Also you can see the lovely stitch markers my mom made for me. Before she came out to help me after Baby C's birth, I asked her what kind of stuff she makes aside from jewelry (she has a home business). She mentioned stitch markers and I about fell off my chair. I told her I had been about to buy some off etsy! She nixed that idea and whipped up a bunch for me before she came, and some more after she arrived. Now I have about 15 beautiful stitch markers.