Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Off the Needles!

I got so excited about that ribbing being out of the way, I finished the Watch Cap that very night! (Sunday) My husband likes it and it fits him well.  He even wore it out and about running errands yesterday, so I know that he actually likes it and isn't just saying that to make me happy.  Haha  He said it's warm and not itchy.  How it doesn't itch him, I have no idea because it's Fisherman's Wool!  And it's not like I washed & blocked it before handing it to him to wear.

The next day I pulled out my yarn for the Amande Vest (KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky, fyi) and got it all into balls, sat down with the pattern...and realized I don't have the correct needles.  Hate that.  I ordered them and they should arrive soon.

In the meantime I had to get something else going and I didn't want to have to wind any more balls because I had just put my swift and winder away.  I grabbed a ball of Spud & Chloe Fine that I already had wound and searched Rav for a shawlette to match.  I am about 25-30% into Multnomah.  In the most un-Multnomah-ey (new word, that one) color - a bright teal.  Haha  The body is garter, garter, garter so it's ideal for tv knitting.  And the color is gorgeous, especially against the silver Addis.

The shawl revealed to me that my tension has improved dramatically since I started knitting a lot a couple of years ago.  I used to have to go down TWO needle sizes.  Now I actually can go with the needle size in the pattern often.  Sometimes I still need to go down one size.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Serial Monogamy

Fiiiiiiinally finished the ribbing for the Watch Cap.  I am making the 21" hat, with the folded brim, so I did 6.5" of ribbing.  Holy moly I hate ribbing.  It's so boring and it takes forever.  Now that the ribbing is done I wouldn't be surprised if I get this hat off the needles by Tuesday.  Maybe even tomorrow.

I've decided to make the Amande vest next.  I already have the yarn, some bulky yarn from Knit Picks, I can't remember what.

Somehow I've become a serial monogamist when it comes to crafting.  I have two other WIPs, but they've been hibernating for about a year, so they barely count.  (Cardigan & cross-stitch towel.)  Other than those, which are deeply buried in my big craft basket, I have been mostly doing one project at a time.  I think I have finally accepted that when the going gets tough, I have to keep plodding along or I'll end up with a string of WIPs taunting me from around my entire house.  That is my personality. 

Which somehow reminds me, when Jane Richmond showed her stash I was completely surprised.  It frankly doesn't even count as a stash.  It sort of made me want to mail her some yarn.

My husband just pointed out the sun is shining (rare in Oregon in March).  Then Miss E told me we need to go in the sun to get Vitamin D.  Apparently I taught her that.  I am soooo smart.  So we are all going out into the sunshine.