Monday, September 10, 2012

The Scarf for Miss E

This scarf is making me crazy.  I started it in the Xs & Os cable pattern, but I was out of yarn and the scarf was only 2 feet long.  So I frogged it and started over with fewer stitches and a different pattern - Chevron from Barbara Walker's 1st stitch dictionary.  But I didn't like it.  It was too dense and the pattern was barely visible in the Sundara yarn.  So I frogged AGAIN.  I HATE frogging.  I opted for something a little lacier.  I'm using the Hourglass Eyelet pattern from the same stitch dictionary.  I think this one will be the final version.  It's only 17 stitches wide so hopefully I can get to 4 feet at least?  I guess I had less yarn than I thought.  :( make myself feel better I cast on for a Marian cowl in a fun pink also for Miss E.  I am using a size 15 instead of a 19, but I figure, eh, Miss E is only 6 so smaller is fine.  Hopefully.

Thursday, September 06, 2012


These pictures are a bit old, but here is Ishbel.  It's finally off the needles.  I have a bunch of other things I want to make right now, but I was making myself finish Ishbel first.  I made a few mistakes, but I didn't care enough to frog & restart.  It's nice that my perfectionism occasionally takes a break.  Haha  I'm giving this to EK for Christmas.  The color (on my laptop these pics look bright blue, kinda gross) is really a dusky blue.  It's St Denis Boreale in Fjord.  It will look smashing on EK.

Now I'm working on the hugs & kisses scarf for E, then probably some fingerless mitts for M to match his camo cap.  Then a balaclava for Husband (I found the His Or Hers Cowl, which suggested you present it to your man as a balaclava, worked like a charm  haha).  Then maybe some tiny mittens for Baby.  Then a little something for myself.  Or a big something, since I am planning on making the Travel Shawl

And here is a T Rex roller skating, courtesy of Friday Freebies at Knit Picks.  I made a few washcloths to give me a little breather on Ishbel.