Saturday, May 05, 2007

Baby Sweater

Here is the sweater I crocheted for Rainbow's Impending Arrival (due early July). Actually finished before baby arrived! Woo-hoo! Ahem. Not purple as the picture would have you believe. Bright, bright pink. But very cute. Took 3 oz of Baby Soft (I think). Pattern is from the Family Circle Easy Crochet Spring 2007 magazine. Once again, due to my cheerful ignoring of my gauge, turned out larger. Supposed to be size 3 months, it's more like 9 months. Oops. :)


bevq said...

Gorgeous sweater! You did a great job making that!


Emily May said...

Where's my baby sweater, for my baby of course, oh wait you can't keep up, haha, you owe me 3!