Thursday, January 31, 2008

Block of the Month Quilt - January

EdgyK signed me up for a quilt block of the month at the local quilt shop. She paid the initial $10 and said she will do April's block (you know, when I'm having a baby). She is making a quilt too. When we got to the quilt shop for the orientation, we discovered it's actually two blocks a month. So now I guess she is stuck doing two blocks for me in April. Ha ha

The gist of it is, if you get your blocks done each month, you don't have to pay any more. Theoretically you can do all 12 blocks for $10. There is a fee for the finishing kit - it's like $25 or $30. Not bad, huh? I am very new to quilting, so this seems an ideal way to get my feet wet - slooooowly.

Here is the first block. Turned out quite well.

Here is EdgyK bossing me around. She says I need to press the square better.

On my second square I messed up. But I bet you can't figure out how. No one will ever know except when they compare it to everyone else's square. On my quilt, I'm sure it will look fine. The red triangles are supposed to be against the inner square, not facing outwards. Oops. I sewed the middle row and fortunately realized I had flipped the flying geese rectangles, and so decided to flip the outer flying geese too, rather than rip out the seams in the middle row and thus cause my head to explode.

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EdgyK said...

Excellent work finishing your quilt squares. You beat me. I will get to it soon. And my pictures not too shabby. At least my hair looks good. Sorry I am a little bossy but it's in my blood.