Friday, January 15, 2010


Haven't posted since 2008. That's awesome.

Sorry long-neglected little blog. I still love you.

Fall 2008 saw no itchy fingers descend upon me. No crafting all through that winter. I read 133 books in 2009. See the correlation? My fingers still did something - turned the pages of books.

It wasn't until Fall 2009 that I felt the familiar itch. I realized my s-i-l A was having a baby in March, and wouldn't it be lovely if I made something for her little one? I further realized that s-i-l J was having a baby in May and I certainly couldn't leave that one out.

I crocheted a sweater for A's baby, sorry I completely forgot to take a picture of it! It was cute and quick. I ran out of yarn, so bought what I thought was the same yarn. Yeah, so not the same yarn. In good light you can really tell. In fact, if you are paying attention at all you can tell, because the hand is totally different. Oopsie. A's pretty mellow, so I think even if she notices she won't care.

I made a hat for J's baby. That hat. I hate it. It's worked in a sport weight yarn, but with a D hook. (D! Tiny!) So it took forever and I felt no small amount of animosity toward that thing, especially since I worked it in yellow. I hate yellow, but J likes it, so J gets it. It's from Adorable Crochet for Babies and Toddlers by Lesley Stanfield. It turned out well, it has a rolled brim, and that blasted D hook means it's tight and smooth. I'll post a picture once I upload the pics from the camera. My gauge was slightly big, and yet I have a hard time believing this hat will fit a 1-year-old. Perhaps my kids just had big heads. I'll suggest to J that she start trying it on her baby around 6 months.

Now I'm working on a circular baby blanket in white. Never done a circular one before. I spotted the pattern on eBay and had to have it. I'm not sure who it's for. As it gets bigger, I find myself thinking I'll just hang onto it until I have another baby! Cause I'm selfish!

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