Thursday, March 11, 2010


I finally finished the baby blanket. Well, I haven't blocked it yet, but the crocheting is all done. It turned out much larger than the pattern said, and it took quite a bit more yarn (approx 14 oz instead of 10 oz). I think what happened is I had just come off of that little baby hat. Same hook, but something about that hat caused my tension to go all tight and tiny, so when I started the baby blanket the gauge matched up, but as I continued my tension got looser and looser and voila, 5 ft wide baby blanket. That might be a slight exaggeration. I haven't measured the blanket yet, but it is extremely large. Besides, what was I going to do, switch to a finer weight yarn, when I had already purchased a bunch of DK? I don't think so. I couldn't go down a hook, since I was already using a D. It's fine, it's just really large. Ha ha

Now I'm working on the socks. I am almost done with the gusset on sock #1 and despite some yarn store owner's assurance that one skein of Sockotta would be enough for a pair, I am going to run out of yarn somewhere in the leg of sock #2. Grr. Perhaps crocheting socks takes more yarn than knitting them?? Either way, that yarn store closed so I'm just going to order the yarn online.

I found a bunch of fingering weight yarn at the thrift store in white and a lovely dark gray. I think I might try my hand at knitting lace.

Yesterday I made capes for the kids. Ace came to me with a request that I tie a sparkly blue skirt around his neck and I realized he had no dress ups, while Miss E has quite a bit. So I decided to make him a cape. However, I could not make him a cape without making Miss E a cape as well. Thus two capes. Miss E picked out her fabric (bright pink) and I chose basic blue for Ace's. I spied some Hello Kitty ribbon, and we were ready to go. By using some coupons I got it all for $5 (and have extra fabric left over). Miss E's was first and it took about three times longer than Ace's, where I had figured out how to do it all. They turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Miss E wore hers to bed last night!

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