Thursday, October 18, 2012


I got the Amande Vest off the needles.  It just needs buttons and then to be blocked.  I'm a little concerned because the vest really seems to pull down at the bottom from the weight of the yarn, while there's not much holding it up at the top.  Hmm.

I still need to block the Ishbel shawlette!  I am a blocking procrastinator.  Partially because I have to block on the floor of my bedroom and then make sure the baby doesn't get in there.  Not easy.

Anyway, I did finally finish that scarf for Miss E too.  It's only like 3.5 feet long.  Haha  But she wore it today to school, and she said she wore it all day except at PE, so I'd call that a knitting win.

The pink Marian cowl was finished in one day.  Very easy, very cute.  E uses it like a baby sling for her dolls.  I liked hers so much that I bought the proper sized needle (19, not 15) and made myself one of navy yarn.  Love it.  I also popped out a pair of fingerless mitts for myself from Eco Duo.  They're extremely basic, I use them on chilly mornings when I run.  So, only twice so far.  Haha

Right now I am halfway through a pair of fingerless mitts in green camo, to match M's cap.  Not so motivated since we are having gorgeous fall weather and mitts are a bit excessive.  Honestly though reason one is it is time for the thumb and I sort of hate doing thumbs.

Reason two being I started the Travel Shawl from Knitting 24/7.  I've been focusing on that project, and really enjoying it!  I only had to rip out the beginning and start over once (and I had only made it to about row 8, so very little invested), which I think is pretty good.  As usual, once the pattern got established the shawl became 9,000 times easier to knit.  It's good tv knitting.  Also I am now quite proficient at a k3tog!  Haha  Right now I'm on a 24" circular (size 5).  I'm slightly concerned I'll have to invest in yet another circular needle, bite the bullet, get a 32".  I have a feeling I'm going to have a very hard time fitting 500+ stitches on a 24" circular.  We'll see.  I do have some credit at my LYS...Anyway, I love this pattern and I think I'm going to LOVE the finished product.  I am using the yarn called for by the pattern, Peace Fleece, even the same color (Father's Gray).  It's very rustic.  Picking out bits of straw as I knit!

And here's my hambone baby just for fun!

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