Saturday, April 17, 2010

WIPs, again

So I finished the baby blanket for Teaje's little son, then shipped it off so fast I totally forgot to take a picture! Ugh! Now it's on the East Coast and it's very unlikely a picture of it will ever appear here. I'll have to stalk Teaje's FB page, maybe she'll post her baby using it. Lol Anyway, it was a 5-row shell pattern, very lovely. I crocheted it using most of a Pound of Love in Denim, which was actually quite nice, much better than it sounds. Went down one hook size as I have realized I am a loose crocheter & knitter.

Now I am working on a gnome hat (pattern here) for another baby. No pictures, because this friend reads my other blog and I don't want her to stumble over here and see it accidentally. Her baby is actually already three months old (oops) but that's okay because I think this hat will fit a one-year-old.

My friends are reproducing at such a frantic rate, I may never be able to put down my hook or needles again! (Pretending to be sad about that.)

I had to frog my pillow cover (*tear*) because I finally admitted it was 17" wide and not 16" like it was supposed to be. I had 10 inches done!!! All gone. I went down TWO sizes before I finally got the right gauge. *sigh* So I think I have like six inches done on the pillow back. Someday I swear I will be done with that thing.

Oh and I frogged the sock because the ankle was all strangely big and I would never have worn it. I think the pattern may have sucked. It wasn't my hooking, because I followed those instructions perfectly.

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