Saturday, May 14, 2011

Winter Flame Scarf

Hello again little neglected craft blog. Here I am to report that I am back. May I present the Winter Flame Scarf:

I started this in November and worked diligently for about two months...until morning sickness kicked in after Christmas. I didn't feel like doing a blessed thing then. This is my first lace pattern (or at least, this is my first lace pattern where I knitted more than 10 inches before getting bored and frogging ha ha). I worked on it off and on once the nausea faded. Finally a few weeks ago I realized that I was nearly done. That inspired me and I knit quite a bit so I could get it off the needles. I had some little quick projects I wanted to try out so I made myself finish this one first! I finished it on the 6th and then blocked it while my husband was out of town this past week (read: not around to be irritated that a 6-foot scarf was taking up the floor of our bedroom). I love how it turned out - the color, the pattern, the soft yarn. I used Comfy Fingering yarn from KnitPicks and the color is such a rich dark blue. It will look fab against my pale winter skin in several months! ha ha

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