Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In Which My Yarn Fast Lasts Two Entire Weeks

After the excesses of Christmas, our budget was rather depleted and we were feeling the pinch.  My husband and I decided to tighten our belts and start saying NO to ourselves instead of "yes yes yes" to whatever we wanted.  I vowed to go on a yarn-buying fast.  Dh asked, "Do you have enough yarn to last you for a while?" Ah, sweet innocent.  Apparently he has not found all of my stashing locations.  I admittedly breezily that I had enough for a year.  (Probably three years.  Don't tell him.)  This was immediately after Christmas. 

Well, his parents came to town this past weekend.  I grabbed my m-i-l and we escaped (no baby! no children whatsoever!) to the library and the yarn shop.  Exciting, I know.  But it was the first time I had been to my LYS since October.  (In November I bought yarn off etsy.  haha)  They had just received January's Dream in Color shipment and I wanted to check it out in person.  I decided to pass on the DiC, but somehow I left with 2 skeins of Cherub DK, 2 skeins of autunno in rainforest, and a Kollage kit that had been clearanced (Feed your creativity #13).  Oh and a set of 8" bamboo dpns for a hat I'm making for Ace.  The 6" metal dpns were too slippy and I was losing stitches left and right.

The shop might even have inspired my m-i-l to pick up needles again after umpteen years.  She saw a wrap she wants to make.

My husband rightly teased me for my weakness.  But I'm back on the fast, I swear.  I really don't need ANY more yarn. 

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