Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One-Cable Mitts

 I made One-Cable Mitts for my friend for Christmas.  ...And I finished them on the 26th.  So basically I'm a bad friend.  My husband was not around and I needed to give them to my friend, so I handed the camera to my 5-year-old and asked her to take a pic.  This is what she took.  And then she handed the camera back and refused to take any more.  "It's too heavy!" she proclaimed.  Later my husband asked that I not give the 5-year-old the really expensive camera ever again.  Blah blah blah funwrecker.

Anyway so after E refused to assist me, I decided to take some pictures myself.  How hard could it be? I thought.  Answer: very hard.  Look at these jokes:

Moral of the story: Wait until husband can take pictures for me.  I suck at self-photography.

But my friend likes the mitts.  :D

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