Sunday, February 12, 2012

Duty Knitting

 Ace poses good-naturedly in his spiffy new hat.

Instead of fun knitting, i.e., knitting for myself, I keep getting sucked into duty knitting, i.e., knitting for my family.  Haha 

First I made some fingerless mitts for Dh, from Knits Men Want

Now I am knitting hats for all the children from the same pattern (Quynn from Bambeanies) in different sizes.  This revealed that my kids have big heads.  Even the baby needed the second size up!  The first hat, Ace's, was fun and a new pattern and therefore completed in four days (knitting only after all kids are in bed).  The second hat, Baby C's was tiny and therefore completed in three days.  The third hat for Miss E is still languishing in my knitting basket.  Because now I have already made this hat twice and the pattern is no longer exciting.  Plus, I have to make the biggest size for Miss E and her 5-year-old head.

Once I am done with that I am committed to making the Watch Cap for Dh, also from Knits Men Want.

Then I think I will make this vest or maybe this shawl...hmm the possibilities!!!!

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