Sunday, March 04, 2012

Serial Monogamy

Fiiiiiiinally finished the ribbing for the Watch Cap.  I am making the 21" hat, with the folded brim, so I did 6.5" of ribbing.  Holy moly I hate ribbing.  It's so boring and it takes forever.  Now that the ribbing is done I wouldn't be surprised if I get this hat off the needles by Tuesday.  Maybe even tomorrow.

I've decided to make the Amande vest next.  I already have the yarn, some bulky yarn from Knit Picks, I can't remember what.

Somehow I've become a serial monogamist when it comes to crafting.  I have two other WIPs, but they've been hibernating for about a year, so they barely count.  (Cardigan & cross-stitch towel.)  Other than those, which are deeply buried in my big craft basket, I have been mostly doing one project at a time.  I think I have finally accepted that when the going gets tough, I have to keep plodding along or I'll end up with a string of WIPs taunting me from around my entire house.  That is my personality. 

Which somehow reminds me, when Jane Richmond showed her stash I was completely surprised.  It frankly doesn't even count as a stash.  It sort of made me want to mail her some yarn.

My husband just pointed out the sun is shining (rare in Oregon in March).  Then Miss E told me we need to go in the sun to get Vitamin D.  Apparently I taught her that.  I am soooo smart.  So we are all going out into the sunshine.

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